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Pacific Security Force Pvt Ltd
Franchise Opportunity

Welcome to Pacific Security Force Pvt Ltd Service Provider Serve a excellence service & secure solution unique position in the industry is the reflection of its Responsive Attitude And High Standard Of Services, which are based on its strong and fundamental pillars in India- Government Certified, Government Registered and an ISO 9001:2008 Certified organization Registered under PFI & ESIC: We are the leading government registered, government certified and ISO 9001: 2008 certified Service Provider in India. Pacific Security Force Pvt Ltd is started by Mr. Om Prakash Rai, in the year 1994 who is a retired Naval Officer. He has an experience of more than 25 years in various fields of investigation and security. Specialized service rendered by the agency. We have a whole team of expert who can cater the services provide to the client in whole of India. We have extensive operational network of 20+ branches and regional offices across the country. We deal in Security Service, Detective & Investigation Services, Manpower/Labor Supply Services, Event & Celebrity Management Service, Real Estate Services, Marriage & Counselor Consultant, Online Retailer Services, Digital Marketing & Advertising Services with professionalism and we keep the Accuracy and secrecy with our clientele & while dealing in their cases. One of the only private Detective & Investigation Agency that have a proper office in India and that are Government registered and certified. Our motto is to safeguard your surroundings & provide a quality beyond the clientele expectation. Our Services –Security Guard, Bouncer’s, Bodyguards, Armed Security Guard, Individual Security Guard, Corporate Security Service, Industrial Security Services, Fingerprint Examination -Recording Fingerprints For Immigration/Visa -Handwriting Experts/ Document Examination -Cyber Crime -Crime Scene Investigation -Legal Advice -Detective Services -Matrimonial Verification -Employee Verification -Security Consultant -Domestic Help Verification.

Over a 1000 Franchises for Sale, Business Opportunities in over 50 Places in India are available and updated daily. Explore businesses suitable for Everyone including Women, Senior Citizens, Ex- Service Men, International Businesses and Master Franchisees. You can also have a one-one discussion with our Business Consultants and choose a business which matches your lifestyle goals and budget, including franchises and businesses that enable you to work from low investment, on a part-time basis, or require a low investment.

Investment Yes
Investment Includes Franchises Fees, Training and support, Advertising and branding, Database, Market research, operational Management
Subscription service Maximum Load Post inquiry and Truck Post
Special Benefits @Employee Selection, Monthly Salary, Incentive structure, attractive offers, Advertisement on Portal, Area Supervision Expected Capital Investment Return Duration 4 Month

Why Our Franchise:

The unique concept is indeed in itself a strong USP. Standing ahead from others with a difference, and believing in maintaining healthy and fruitful relationships leading to mutual understanding and co-operation.
Developing progressively in the metro cities, we do not want to stay limited, thereby our company is out to expand and reach as much as possible for the widest coverage and making everyone aware about this path-breaking concept.

Year of Establishment:

1994 with the effective name of Pacific security force pvt ltd which is now converted into a group with the name of Pacific Security Force Pvt Ltd.

No. Of Employee:

10000 – 12000

Our Businesses

• Pacific Detective Services Ltd
• Pacific Security Force Pvt Ltd
• Pacific Event & Celebrity Management
• Pacific Housekeeping services
• Pacific Real Estate Services
• Web Spectrum
• Pacific Psychological Counseling & Consultant
• Pro Expreess

Company Turnover

Rs. 11-15 Crore Turnover

No. of franchises by States

Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, West Bengal, Delhi, Andhra Pradesh etc.

No. of franchises we offer by area

New Delhi, Delhi NCR, Noida, Gurgaon, Dehradun, Kanpur, Goa, Agra, Banglore, Bhubaneswar, Kolkata etc.

No of own outlets-mention area

Mumbai, Pune, Nagpur, Nashik

Specific Profile of Employee’s

Educational Background : Graduates / Engineer / Management

Professional Background : Minimum two years work experience in any industry or in running or managing business.

Size of property

A clear carpet area of 800 - 1200 sq. ft. or more in a prominent locality with the following:
Adequate parking space for cars, two wheelers
Stable power with minimum 3 KW
At least 2 telephone lines with fax facility
Exclusive built-in toilet facility for men and women separately.
Exclusive e-mail account for centre operations.


Proper telephone and power facilities as mentioned above, 2 Computers, 1 printer, & other essential software, Training Aids (projectors, white boards, etc.), UPS, AC, Generator, Proper furniture for Boss and Employee, etc.

Staff & Equipment

Staff is to be arranged by the franchisee & Equipments are to be specified by the franchisor but costs to be borne by the franchisee.

Other Operational Expenses

Network Policy:

It is important for all your employees to visit Pacific Security Force Pvt Ltd Central at least once, for a week to understand the corporate culture and maintain the same at their work place. This is important for us to maintain uniformity in the services offering and the courtesy we extend to customers across all the branches. In other words, once you join hands with us your branch will become one of our branches. Our customer expects it to be the same.

Pacific Security Force Pvt Ltd Commitments

Pacific Security Force Pvt Ltd will provide comprehensive assistance to the Network Partner in establishing and managing the business. This would include support in the following areas: Organisational Setup, Capacity Planning, Man Power Planning, Location Selection & Layout Design, Space Planning, Hardware & Software Purchase, Sales Promotion, Advertising, Man Power Training, Technical Updation, R & D, Specialised Training, Evaluation and Certification, Scope of other services.


All promotional activities such as advertisements in daily newspapers, popular magazines, local television channels, putting up banners, setting up hoardings, distribution of pamphlets, paper inserts, etc. at various places of the city will have to be handled by the network branches.


Full fledge training given to employees of franchisee at the Pacific Security Force Pvt Ltd Branches

Total Project Cost

Varies from Rs. 1,355,000 to 1,600,000 depending on size and type and location of branch

Territories open

All over India



Projected ROI-(general)

50% to 75%, depending on Size, Type of city, level of efficiency and other factors

Franchisee Fee

Rs. 200,000 to Rs. 500,000 depending on the area and type of city

Operational Expenses

Rs.75,000 to Rs. 125,000 per month.

Franchise Management Training:

The complexities and ethos of working within a franchise organization has its own shares of challenges. We conducts specific management training programme’s for these growing organizations to help them align themselves with the advantages of qualitative franchising. It works on core areas of building the franchise organization, training the franchisor employees dealing with franchising and giving them support on the ground, effective franchisor marketing
franchisor compliances, franchisee relationship exercises and adequate responsibility assignments to ensure they work effectively towards building the business whilst working closely with the franchisees.


Pre-Opening Procedures Manuals:

These manuals help anybody, even without the industry experience; get started with the opening and beginning of a franchise system.

Daily Systems & Procedures Manuals:

These manuals focus on what needs to done, how and when and how to efficiently manage the day-to-day operations.

Sales & Marketing Manuals:

These manuals ensure that the franchise follows the recommended marketing activities which they must follow to ensure that the products or services are known to the catchment. It also focuses on how the franchisee has to manage the brand ethos and improve the branding in their regions for mutual benefits.

Personnel Manuals:

Ensure that the franchisees comply with the HR policies effectively and ensure that they have the right systems within their set ups to motivate and retain personnel. Things like personnel policies, job descriptions, hiring and training procedures, remuneration and benefits, terminations and all the other areas, which are so critical to the success of a franchise program.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Manuals:

Numbers and reporting of numbers form the essence of all businesses and hence the right accounting and reporting manuals go a long way in ensuring that there is proper synchrony in the entire business and there are no leakages. Hence making it imperative especially in the Indian contexts where you have parallel economy and other factors that contribute to several systems and checks that have to be followed for a successful franchise program.

Technical Manuals:

In case the nature of business is very technical and needs specific manuals for the same, we work with the franchisor, to be able to ensure that the franchisees are able to easily function with these technical manuals.

Training Manuals:

To specifically train your franchisees, employees of franchisees or for that matter the franchisor team. Each franchise system needs to have a specific training manual at all levels.


1. Clear vision and Objectives are shared.
2. There is absolute professionalism at both ends
3. Focus on strong support functionalities
4. Clear and Proper communications at all times, with a focus to listen.
5. Advertisement and Marketing Systems
6. Adequate Training Programs
7. Clear growth and development plans for franchisees.
8. Treating franchisees like V.I.P’s, as they are very important.
9. Ensure that every help is given for franchisees to be profitable.
10. Having standardised policies with no impartiality.

The next thing then is to understand what motivates and keeps the franchisor franchisee relationship going. Our experience with so many franchisors and franchisees link this to the most common requirements of what humans essential seek and that being:


In other words nothing motivates like what money does. Profitability is why the franchisees and franchisors work together and when both of them can achieve these goals, they are a very happy lot. More often than not, relationships whose monetary benefits are not clearly defined and then met begin to erode and hurt.


All franchisors and franchisees crave for power. They want to control their businesses and their day-to-day activities and lives and when they start enjoying these powers aptly, they love what they can do and hence ensure that they contribute to the system. It is so necessary to ensure that this power is not what they have over the other, but what they enable for each other.

Self Respect or Esteem:

One of the most critical factors for a successful franchise relationship is to clearly understand the prestige of the franchisee and franchisor and to ensure that both ends are respected.


Everybody wants to enjoy what they are doing and it’s up to the franchisor to ensure that they create a framework within which franchisees enjoy what they are doing and then go a step further to choose only those franchisees who would enjoy doing the business. Most times, the franchisor also ensures that the franchisees get together for annual meets at recreational location, with families at times, to have fun while contributing to the business. Pleasure is a very strong factor affecting the franchise relationship.


There are people who take up a few franchisees only because of the recognition that they get. All franchisees within the system crave for prominence and want to be awarded and publicly appreciated for what they have done. Hence a proper recognition, award, reward and appreciation mechanism works greatly in favor of strengthening a franchise system.
There are people who take up a few franchisees only because of the recognition that they get. All franchisees within the system crave for prominence and want to be awarded and publicly appreciated for what they have done. Hence a proper recognition, award, reward and appreciation mechanism works greatly in favor of strengthening a franchise system.

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